It's mid-week and Renee is starting to hit the wall after her 24 hour+ support for our students in our local Relay for Life fund raising effort last weekend. We discuss why we choose to position Shakespearian Drama as central texts in many of our English programmes. We discover some of Chris' trigger-words; including "real world" and "relevant". Our episode this week is much longer than usual, because our guest Liz Breslin was simply too interesting to cut short. She explained some of the scope of how our Students in the Community volunteering programme works and then we went on to explore how we might create credentials for this kind of altruism. Grab a cup of tea and your favourite headphones and click play...
March 30, 2019
Posted in: Podcast, Typologies

Here are Renee and Chris‘ Year 10 class sites – where our teaching in relation to Romeo and Juliet can be found


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