Our achievement programme is live! Now students in our classes can demonstrate their attainment by unlocking micro-credentials. We explore some of the challenges we've encountered in the process of developing these credentials, and share some of the thinking that's currently keeping us occupied as we start to expand the selection of credentials available. Nina from the Education Hub gets a mention and our students speak this week about what might stop them from volunteering their ideas in class. Welcome back to school for Term 2. You can contact us via twitter or our website any time if you want to let us know what you think.
May 4, 2019
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  1. Ed Waddington

    Thanks for your very positive podcast. A pragmatic question: Which classes know about the badges at this stage?

    • Christopher Waugh

      Hi Ed,

      There are three Year 10 classes + Year 10 Drama and a Year 8 group at this stage. Are you ready to join?


  2. Susan Hennessey

    Thrilled with the multiple entry points into this work you’ve provided for those of us experimenting with micro-credentials and digital badging. Here in Vermont, we have proficiency-based graduation requirements. A group of us, including students, are piloting the use of digital badges to expand flexible pathways and encourage outside-of-school learning opportunities to meet graduation requirements. Quick platform question: are you using BadgeOS plugins with WordPress to create this site and manage the workflow? So eager to follow your journey and learn from both the classroom implementation and the research component.

    • Christopher Waugh

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for making contact. We’d be very pleased to engage with you and explore how things are working in your sphere. Yes, we are using BadgeOS and WordPress as our initial platform. It works well for our needs at present, and we feel it provides the best options in terms of future development if everything goes well. Is this the path you’ve chosen too? Any input (critical or otherwise) is most welcome – and do let us know if you’d like to talk at some point.




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